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Hello, and welcome! I've been making jewelry since I was a child. My work has thankfully gotten better, which allows me to make one of a kind wearable art. I never make an exact duplicate of anything, so every piece is unique.

I started with rosaries about 15 years ago. It just dawned on me one day that the process is exactly the same. All I had to do was make them in sections, much like making sections for necklaces. Many people have said how much they like my variety, as I don't just do pearl or simple glass beads. My rubber bead rosaries are the most popular, since they are a firm bead, but still have the slightly squishy and soft rubber coating.

The diversity of the items comes from getting supplies wholesale from three different places. I have no less than 30 different centers and crucifixes to work with, and literally thousands of different bead options. So it's very easy to make pieces that never match. To me that's part of the fun. Swapping out beads, textures, colors, to take one design idea and turn it into 12 different things!

I scour magazines, making something that looks just the catalog, for a fraction of the price. They may sell it for $200, I can make and sell for 75% - 90% less. I quite often see a design, and think 'Oh, tale that ugly strand out of there and you've got something!' or 'If I add this, and make that bead bigger, and darker...', I'm the kind of person that never follows the recipe. I'm always tweaking, adding, changing until it's perfect!